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Animal Society

Music and Lyrics by Jeff Sutter


Donít know you I can smell your stench

A million miles away

Youíre disguised evil I will always sense

I turn down the part for your zombie play

You shove that mark in front of my eyes

My forehead is what you crave

Iíll never bow down to your lies

My soul youíll never engrave



    I know the real truth in the end, Christ will prevail

    Iíll never join pathetic animal society

    Underestimated me is what you did

    Your rebellion will fail

    Iíll never join your pathetic animal society


Your  serpent grip entangles society

But your grasp slips away from me

Blind the weak with idolatry

I serve Jesus Christ from who you flee

They said Iím alien to their pleasure

Iíve just denied by beastly instinct

Adamís sin is human nature

Jesus is the worldís missing link