Lyrics John Genthner and Darryl Mansir

Music by Jeff Sutter



Lost in the back alley streets, all alone again

Out late scared to the point of going insane

A temporary loss of faith, not sure where you stand

I know for sure you canít depend on no spider man


With faith returning again, he retrieves his sword

He reads out loud words of love, from his Savior and Lord

With strength flooding in again, he now knows where he stands

He stands with his hero Jesus, the only real super man



            When youíre all alone on the streets

            Itís survival man, survival man

            With the Holy Word in his hand

            Heís a bible man, a bible man


You canít be no spider man

You canít be no super man

You can be no X-Men

But you can be, you can be a Bibleman