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Here I Am

Music and Lyrics be Jeff Sutter and the Lord Jesus Christ

Child, I can see your tears

 Pouring down like rain

 Remove your hands from your ears

 And let Me heal your pain

 Iíll forever keep you in My arms

 Iíll save you from this darkness

 Iíll keep your soul safe from harm

 Iím offering you forgiveness


            Here I am, for you I shed My blood

            Oh child, Here I am, wonít you accept My love

            Oh child, Here I am, let Me give you the key

            Oh child, Here I am, here is all of Me


Tears youíve shed on this floor

 Hereís my key for this prison

 Youíre My child that Iím dying for

 Why wonít you listen?

 Wonít you take My hand

 Let me fill your empty cup

 I want to help you stand

 Wonít you let me lift you up