Rise Up

Lyrics by Darryl Mansir

Music by Jeff Sutter


Thereís a job we must we do in this wicked world that only we can do

Your power and your strength will come from the Lord above

Donít be afraid of what will happen to you for the Lord is on your side

Go and tell them of Jesusí love


There are a lot of people in this wicked world that are headed straight to hell

We have the key that can change their lives

Tell the how of Jesus hung on a cross and bled and died for them

Tell them Heís the only way to survive



Rise up, until His coming

Stand tall, wonít you stand proud

Rise up, and tell them of His coming

Donít you fall to the darkness all around, darkness all around


Jesus wants us to go and find those who are lost and dying in sin

Go and tell them how they can be set free

Donít you know Jesus cries every time a soul is lost

So go and ask them to join us in eternity