Cast the First Stone

Lyrics by Darryl Mansir

Music by Joel Dobbins


Weíre so quick to judge looking to tear some one down

Looking for sin others and not thinking of our own

We secretly sin thinking no one will know

Cutting others down make us feel righteous and make them feel so low


We should be helping them, help them to get over their sin

Helping them to forgive themselves and know God forgives them

But we spend our time judging them, tearing them down behind their back

We do this because when you sin it who them you attack



To those without sin cast the first stone

Youíre not perfect and believe me youíre not alone

Stop judging and condemning

Start loving and sharing

Be a brother and sister to them

Let Jesusí love start showing now


Remember long ago the Lord Jesus forgave an adulatorís woman

The Pharisees cried at Him they didnít want her living

Jesus replied those who are without sin cast the first stone

Not a stone was thrown and Jesus and the woman was left alone