Cure For Addiction

Lyrics by Darryl Mansir and Robert Hinkley, Music by John Genthner and Jeff Sutter



Down on Main Street, All dressed in black

Full of lustful thoughts, no turning back

Dressed in sexy clothing, ready to kill

Wanting to give someone a joyful thrill


Razors and mirrors, needles and pills

Seductive lingerie, diseases that kill

You like that tripping feeling, but itís a road to hell

You think youíre in control, but youíre under his spell



            Heís the cure for addiction, Heíll lift the spell

            Jesus the answer, will save you from hell

            Give your life to Him, let Him take control

            Lift the burden from your heart, and free your soul


The devil has you in the grip of his hand

Squeezing the life out of you, that is his plan

The things you do in life wonít cover your pain

Temporary relief will soon drive you insane