Come To His Mercy Seat

Lyrics by Darryl Mansir, Music by Jeff Sutter



Youíve been suffering for many years, over scars from the past

Youíre all broken up inside, you donít know how much longer youíre going to last

The pain inside from a lifetime of sin is tearing itís way through you

You think there is no escape, from all the misery youíre going through


Youíve done a lot of terrible things throughout your life time

Youíve turned to sex, drugs, and booze to try to get you by

Your false escapes have only led you to darker times

Thereís only one way to escape your pain, come to the Man who had to die



            Come to His mercy seat

            Let Jesus wrap His hands around your wounded heart

            Come to His mercy seat

            Let His forgiving presence drive away all that is dark

            Come to His mercy seat

            Let Him surround you with His love, love that will give you a brand new start


You heard the words of a preacher, telling you of the life of Christ

How he shed His blood for sin, and how He could change a manís life

Jesus is the only escape, the only way to stop your pain

Come to Him, let Him into your heart, let Him forever reign