His Tears are the Rain

Lyrics and Music by Darryl Mansir



Have you noticed that more rain is falling from the sky                                             

I wonder as i sit and watch the clouds go rolling by                                         

I think maybe these raindrops are the Lord's tears

That have been collecting over many long years


BRIDGE:  I look at my life and the works that I have done

                 I know there is more I could do, to please God's Son



His tears are the rain, the rain are his tears  (echo) 

They’re starting to fall heavily, but we don't seem to care  (echo)  

The lightning is His anger the thunder is His voice

We have to spread the love of Jesus, it's our only choice


He looks down at his children who have fully counted the cost

And He sees us relaxing, while many souls are becoming lost

His heart must hurt deeply, His heart full of pain

That's why I believe that His tears are the rain