Lord, I知 Calling on You

Lyrics and Music by Darryl Mansir



Lord, I知 tired of the way I知 living my life

I want to give it over to You, become a living sacrifice

But the world keeps pulling me day after day

And it痴 getting harder and harder to show them the way


Lord, I知 going to keep preaching Your Word day and night

I want to shine for You with everlasting light

But I can稚 do it alone, I need Your strength to see me through

Lord, give me words of wisdom so I can bring lost souls to You



            Lord, I知 calling on You to see me through

            The powers of darkness that surround me

            Clear my path oh Lord of what the devil will do

            Give me the power that can set men free


I prayed for strength to last through out the day

Knowing satan would attack to try to pull me away

But I値l keep that vision of Jesus coming through the sky

Riding His white horse with love shining through His eyes