Master of Forgiveness

Lyrics by Darryl Mansir, Music by Jeff Sutter



Dear sweet Jesus, we’re so sorry for the things we do

Sometimes we fall to fleshly things, though we truly love You

Give us the strength to say no to ungodly things in our lives

Because we can’t stand the pains of conviction, they cut us like a knife


We truly want to love and serve You with all of our hearts

When temptation comes again we try to fight, but sometimes we fall apart

We’re so thankful for Your love and mercy and catching us when we fall

For reaching down and soothing our wounded hearts, every time we call



            Thank You Jesus, for being the Master of forgiveness

            You hear us every time we pray, You’re there to forgive us every day

            You’re there to help us clean our lives, when we’ve turned them into a mess

            We’re so thankful to call You Lord, oh Master of forgiveness


Sometimes we don’t realize the Lord has forgiven, so we live in our pain

We have to learn to forgive ourselves, and stop trying to place the blame

Go on with life and forgive yourself, the Lord is always with you

And when temptation comes again, reach out to God, He’ll see you through