Living in the End Times

Lyrics by Darryl Mansir, Music by Jeff Sutter



With poison waters and poison skies, they’re slowly snuffing out many lives

With hurricanes coming, and earthquakes gone, these are the signs of the ending times

With wars in the east and wars in the west, will bring many people to their death

With society crumbling all around, from the middle east a false savior is found


He’ll spread his vicious lies around, sounding good to those who are still bound

He’ll set up a false peace throughout the land with arms and weapons at his command

For those who love the Lord Jesus Christ, will up and disappear into Paradise

But for those who walk the fence, either accepts the mark or dies in violence



            Living in the end times, prophecy being fulfilled through out the land

            Living in the end times, now’s the time to choose with whom you will stand


Let’s pray for the ones who are left behind, they’ll feel a pain of a different kind

God’s wrath will be poured out for all to see, a massive destruction is what it will be

Walk away from the ways of this world, and you will miss the wrath that He unfurls

Jesus wishes that all would come to Him, but many will be lost and die in their sin