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Music and Lyrics be Jeff Sutter

So long, goodbye

Tonightís the last night I cry

This is one thing Iíll not fail

A present to myself

Now Iím small but will be big

When all will see the grave theyíll dig

Gladly loose the past

This breathe will be my last

So longÖ.


            If thereís a world out there for me

            Then you can send me on the next train

            If thereís a hand out there to hold

            Then I wouldnít have to hold my pain

            Show me someone who is real

            And whoís love theyíre willing to give

            Give me a reason to go on

            And Iíll show you someone whoíll live


Nowhere to run

My life will soon all be done

No more decisions to make

Only how to die

I ventured life and always fell

Now I guess Iíll try at hell

Donít try to stop me

Iíll be gone an eternity

So longÖ.



            Knife in hand and wrists to the skies

            Iím kneeled on the ground, Iím ready to die

            So this is it, my final breath

            I wonder howís life after death

            God, if Youíre there show me the way

            Give me a reason to live another day

            I heard about Jesus and the bloody cross

            Please save me before Iím forever lost


            You died for me

            So I could live

            You cried for me

            With the love that You give